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An Ace is a experienced, talented fighter pilot.

In the world of Crimson Skies, an Ace is an enemy pilot of higher-than average skill, typically identified in-game by name rather than by allegiance and model of their aircraft.

Because of their substantially-higher accuracy, firepower and defenses, Aces should always be the priority target. Aces will always target the player or other Aces in preference of any objective, and should therefore be considered extremely dangerous.

Defeated Aces are marked differently in the Scrapbook, with red ink and a star.


  • Medusa Ace - Encountered in Mission 1. Flies a Kestrel.
  • Justine - Medusa leader, but marked as simply 'Medusa Ace.' Encountered in Mission 5. Flies a Kestrel.
  • Sir Emmett Stanley Winthropp - Encountered in Mission 2. Flies a Peacemaker.
  • British Ace - Unnamed female pilot. Encountered in Mission 4. Flies a Peacemaker.
  • Black Swan - Black Swan leader. Only hostile in Mission 6, while friendly in Missions 13, 16 and 18. Flies a Fury.
  • Paladin Blake - Blake Aviation leader. Encountered in Mission 9. Flies a Bloodhawk.
  • Ace Dixon - First encountered in Mission 10, but appears again in Missions 16, 18, 19 and 20. Flies a Brigand.
  • Charlotte "Charlie" Steele - Hollywood Knights leader. Appears in Missions 11, 12 and 13. Flies a Firebrand in Missions 11 and 12. Flies a Fury in Mission 13.
  • Johnny Johnson - Encountered in Mission 13. Only hostile after the air race. Flies a Fury.
  • Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn - Encountered in Mission 13. Only hostile after the air race. Flies a Fury.
  • Ulysses Boothe - Black Hat leader. Encountered in Mission 17 and 20. Flies a Hoplite Autogyro in Mission 17. Flies a Brigand in Mission 20.
  • Witch - Encountered in Mission 19. Flies a Hellhound.
  • Lucas Miles - Sacred Trust leader. Encountered in Mission 20. Flies a Hellhound.