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The largest, heaviest, slowest and most damaging aircraft-launched munition, the aerial torpedo is the weapon of choice for destroying zeppelins.

The aerial torpedo has a number of unique features that make it worthy of special consideration. First, the torpedo is extremely slow, and is not guided at all. This means that it is extremely unlikely to hit anything more manuverable than Chicago.

Secondly, as a safety measure, the aerial torpedo must travel at least three hundred yards before it will arm. Once armed, the smoke trail changes from red to white, and the timed detonator is activated. On impact, the timer delays the detonation of the torpedo's 100 lbs (45kg) warhead until the torpedo has had time to burrow into the structure of the zeppelin - typically set to less than a second, but enough to massively increase the damage dealt.

As an inertial weapon, the torpedo follows the course of the launching aircraft. This means that attackers must maintain a level flight, pointed directly at the target, in order to launch. This pattern makes attacking aircraft vulnerable to a zeppelin's defensive guns and escorting fighters.

Due to the low speed and manuverability of aerial torpedoes, it is possible for escorting fighters to directly shoot down the torpedoes. This is made easier by the considerable minimum firing distance and the bright red trail of a torpedo.

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge has no directly-equivalent weapon, although the Brigand's concussion rocket and the Doppleganger's Blockbuster cannon serve a similar purpose.