Crimson Skies Wiki

Ammunition is what you put in your guns. While Crimson Skies featured a wide range of ammo types, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge did not.

Ammo Types[]


The standard ammo type, slug ammunition is basically little lead bullets you fling at hundreds of miles per hour into your foes.


Sharply-pointed rounds, AP ammunition is very effective at stripping away a targets armor, but only slowly damages its fuselage. Killing an enemy fighter with AP rounds takes forever.


Dum-dum rounds are designed to squash and spread out on impact. This makes them significantly less effective against armor but absolutely lethal against unarmored targets - or those that have had their armor removed by AP rounds.


Explosive ammunition is all-round more effective than any other type, but not as efficient as an AP - dumdum combo.


Ammo Armor damage Fuselage damage
Slug x 1 x 1
AP x 2 x 0.5
Dum-dum x 0.5 x 2
Explosive x 1.5 x 1.5


You can tell when an enemy fighter has lost its armor when smoke and fire starts to trail from a wing. Although this often fades, once it has appeared, the target is considered "unarmored" by the game's damage-calulation system.

Now, you may think, why not always use explosive? Two reasons - first, explosive rounds take up more space, letting you carry fewer shots, and secondly the rate of fire of explosive rounds is slower than any other.

The fastest way to take down enemy aircraft is to have two sets of guns, one with AP and one with dumdum. Start with AP, then switch, then change targets and repeat.