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Elected legislature


President Theodore Davis


Arizona, New Mexico





Surrounded by the Republic of Texas to the east, the Nation of Hollywood to the west and the zealots of Deseret to the north, the people of Arizona and New Mexico decided that, rather than be absorbed by the powerful groups on either side, they would form their own nation.

Declaring their independence in July 1930, Arixo rapidly became a powerful economic force in the area. Between the lawless skies of the Disputed Western Territories, the isolationist Deseret and the armed frontier of Mexico, Arixo's airspace became the only avenue between the lucrative Pacific trade and the rest of the continent. The toll-enforcing militia combined with their extensive mineral wealth has given Arixo a measure of prosperity.

Arixo also shares a border with the Navajo Nation. The Arixo military maintains a border patrol presence, although their main purpose is to prevent outsiders from entering the tribal lands. Their strict orders not to interfere with any Navajo aircraft, even those leaving the Territory, are a major factor in the current peaceful relations between Arixo and their Navajo neighbors.

However, this peaceful period will not last. The mesas and canyons of Arixo hold an irresistable attraction to lawless elements, and a number of criminal gangs have moved into the territory. President Davis has managed to negotiate secret accords with these gangs - for a price, they don't interfere with the citizens of Arixo, only attacking outside the state. While this uneasy truce has lasted, Davis has spent his time building up the Arixo militia, waiting for the inevitable conflict.

Two major criminal gangs occupy Arixo - the fragments of the Redmann's Gang, now simply Red's Gang and Los Muertos, a significantly larger group believed by many locals to be operating with Mexican military support.

Arixo is a combination of Arizona and New Mexico.