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The Articles of Piracy are a set of rules that Nathan Zachary wrote after him and his crew mutinied against the captain of the Fulcrum. The Articles outline the do's and don'ts of being a pilot in Zachary's Fortune Hunters, which are more respectable compared to the morals of other such pirates. It states the rules & responsibilities that a member must abide by, and details on how the loot is split between the crew.


The titular rules are, as follows...

1. We will be collectively known as the Fortune Hunters and adopt as our emblem the tarot card hand Justice, Wealth, Lovers, and Death.
2. We pledge to steal only from the rich and powerful.
3. We agree to never harm innocents.
4. No member shall shoot at anyone unless they are shot at first or their lives are placed in grievous danger.
5. Members agree to maintain, care, and supply ammunition and fuel for their aircraft, or pay for its maintenance, care, and supply.
6. Members injured will be provided for or, if killed in action, their families will receive just compensation.
7. The Captain shall receive 3 shares of any treasure, the Chief Engineer 2, and every crew member and pilot shall receive 1 equal share.


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