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Lucas Miles has finally revealed himself, and he's not happy. He's sent the last remnants of the Black Hats AND Sacred Trust to terrorize New York City while he escapes on one last Sacred Trust zeppelin, the Dante.

The stage is set for the final battle of Crimson Skies. Take Lucas and his criminal empire down, once and for all.

Previous level
Criminal Exodus
Battle Over Broadway
Crimson Skies
Manhattan, Empire State
Payback time
Black Hat Warhawks, Sacred Trust Hellhounds


Recommended Plane[]

Bring your favorite plane. It may motivate you. Aerial torpedoes are also a must as you will need to shoot down the Dante to get Lucas to come out.


Welcome to the final battle.

As soon as you launch from the Pandora, a squadron of of Black Hat Warhawks will try to destroy the Pandora. Warhawks should be easy to down. Once you've downed the warhawks, you will fly over to the Sacred Trust zeppelin Dante. The broadsides, or "hatches", will open, exposing their ammo magazines. As you proceed to to destroy her, a large squadron of Sacred Trust Hellhounds will come to assist the Dante. You can either focus on the zep only, or help down the fighters and then attack Dante (this is a recommended method). Shoot the broadside cannons and destroy 3 gas bags to destroy her. Once you've finished her off, Nathan's old rival Lucas Miles launches from the Dante. He will set you up a challenge by flying through some particularly dangerous stunts. Either Nathan complies, or Lana Cooper will be killed. Follow Lucas as he flies through the danger zones. After that, he will tell you he lied about giving Lana the parachute (Lana winds up bailing with it anyway after a scuffle with Lucas), and after a brief cutscene, you are told to shoot him down. It's payback time!

Fill Lucas' Hellhound with lead, watch him plummet, then sit back and enjoy the ending. Congratulations! You've completed Crimson Skies!