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The Battle for Chicago was the final battle between the Fortune Hunters and Die Spinne.

After the Pandora recovered, precious time was lost, as Doc's turbine was fully integrated, and Von Essen's Starker Sturm was looking to hit Chicago head on, which it did, as by the time the Fortune Hunters arrived, half the city was shrouded in low clouds and fog.

Nathan Zachary's Fortune Hunters and Johnathan Kahn's Red Skulls battled multiple Tesla zeps and planes until an old friend; a second Tesla tank, appeared. The tank was quickly destroyed, but soon afterwards, the mountainous, ginormous Starker Sturm super-zeppelin, with none other than Von Essen himself at the helm, showed up and descended upon the city.

As the gargantuan machine hovered over the doomed city, three massive gravitational turbine fans on its underside started rotating rapidly, generating powerful, violent F5 tornadoes that completely and utterly flattened various landmarks of Chicago, such as the Columbia Tower, City Hall, Government Center, etc. In the midst of this, the Fortune Hunters managed to take out all the generators on the massive zeppelin, causing a hole to be ripped in the outer shell.

Seizing his chance, Nathan flew into the hole and destroyed the main central core of the Starker Sturm, thus setting off a chain reaction resulting in a massive explosion that tore through the entire zep, killing Von Essen, thus ending his reign of evil once and for all.

After the super-zep was destroyed, the storm subsided, rendering the city saved and the Fortune Hunters victorious.