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The Black Hats are not your everyday pirate gang; they're more vicious, cruel, and violent than any other gang in the skies. In Crimson Skies, they are allied with "security firm" Sacred Trust Incorporated.


The Black Hats appeared from nowhere, apparently, and began attacking, almost exclusively, targets of Paladin Blake's Blake Aviation Security. they soon were distinguished from other pirate gangs for their ruthless tactics and bloodthirsty.

Apparently, the Sacred Trust were very successful dealing with the Hats... but a BAs pilot, Trevor Girard, suspected it, and he was right: in fact, the Black Hats worked nearly with the Trust: some Trust employees even switched to the Hats, and vice versa, like Victor Caul. Probably, most of the Trust ''victories'' were feigned.

The collusion between Sacred Trust and the Black Hats was proved by Nathan Zachary's Fortune Hunters and Blake's BAS in a series of raids throughout Manhattan. Sacred Trust was exposed by the discovery of a Sacred Trust-owned warehouse full of stolen loot, and several cargo zeppelins smugglings goods out of the city.

During the Battle Over Broadway , the man responsible for the criminal operations between Sacred Trust and the Black Hats reveals himself to be none other than Lucas Miles, the man who betrayed Zachary and the Fortune Hunters over Cuba. The Black Hats were destroyed, Sacred Trust were exposed and humiliated and the Fortune Hunters enjoyed an unusual period of popularity.


The Black Hats favour the Brigand due to its impressive durability and firepower, though used Warhawks and Avengers.


The Black Hats main insignia was a skull wearing a tall black top-hat and smoking a cigar. In the tail of their units also painted a ''Jolly Roger'', a skull over two crossed bones.

Their units were painted in brown hexagons, green and dark brown.


The Black Hats have been seen with a Empire State-class zeppelin, the Dark Derby. The Dark Derby was destroyed by the Fortune Hunters and Blake Aviation Security during Unholy Alliance. However, their main zeppelin unit was the Deception.