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Black Swans

The Black Swan is a pirate operating in/near the Empire State. She is a woman of mystery, even her real name is unknown. Outrageous and contradictory tales of the beautiful pilot can be heard across North America. The Swan even seems to be aware of, and confirm, these stories. She formed a band of pilots in 1933[1] and has raided the People's Collective, the Industrial States of America, the Dixie and the Republic of Texas. As a privateer, the Swan and her group concentrate on Dixie and ISA shipping -- causing the price on her head to top $10,000![2]


Notes and references[]

  1. Microsoft Game Studios - Crimson Skies - Pilots Gallerystates that " After forming her own band four years ago"...from the point of view of 1937, which is when Crimson Skies takes place.