OniellFord OniellFord 22 December 2011

Crimson Skies Wiki Overhaul

Greetings, all!

My name is Oniell Ford and I've recently decided to lend a helping hand to this wiki. I've been a Crimson Skies fan for quite a few years. I bought a copy of the original Crimson Skies game and upon finding this Wiki, I set out to gather all sources of information in the game to add to this wiki.

Now, I'm no Leonardo DaVinci when it comes to editing a Wiki. I am still relatively new, but I have some experience editing a few different Wiki's before.

I've collected pictures and articles from the Crimson Skies game. First off, I'm going to redo the "Tex" Ryder page. Comparing it to the info I've gathered in the first game, the page seems to be highly inaccurate.

Well, that's all. Don't be alarmed if you see major changes done by m…

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