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With the fracturing of the United States, the new sovereign nations of America took to the skies in a new age of Commerce. Zeppelins became the dominant way to travel, and carry goods. With this development, zeppelins that could haul large loads across America became commonplace.

Cargo Zeppelins often carry at least one turret for self defense due to the common threat of piracy. There are several different types of Cargo Zeppelin seen in game.

Metro Zeppelin[]

These are amongst the smallest Zeppelins in game. These unarmed zeppelins are powered by two small engines with one on each side, it bears a similar shape to the Die Spinne Tesla Zeppelin. These zeppelins are only seen in Chicago.

Delivery Zeppelin[]

Delivery zep

Delivery Zeppelins, occasionally considered blimps, are brown partially rigid airships with a leather canopy that is draped over the top of the zeppelin with supports hanging down the sides to support the gondola. The Zeppelin is powered by two engines with one on each side. These Zeppelins carry two turrets for defense. These zeppelins are seen in Sea Haven, Arixo, and a single one flown by Doctor Hancock in the Lost City.

Cargo Zeppelin[]

Green cargo 3

These zeppelins are one of the most common found in game. Cargo Zeppelins are green with white stripes, seen in Sea Haven, Arixo, and Chicago. These zeppelins carry eight engines with four on each side as well as a single turret.

Freighter Zeppelin[]

Red Cargo Zep

These are the largest of the cargo zeppelins in game. These zeppelins are painted in a bright red, with four engines with two on each side, and three turrets. These zeppelins are seen in Sea Haven, and Chicago.


These are modified cargo Zeppelins designed to carry an array of armaments for their small size. Used as a cost effective way of bolstering zeppelin fleets, they are seen used by the Red Skull Legion, and Decarlos gang in Chicago. They have four engines, and are seen with 2-4 turrets.