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The concussion rocket is the pinnacle of heavy air-launched firepower, and is the weapon of choice for newer models of the Fairchild F611 Brigand. Manufactured by the DeBruin Company, the concussion rocket is a four-inch unguided air-launched munition, designed to have a large blast radius. This combination of factors make the concussion rocket a devastatingly effective weapon against zeppelins and ground targets such as turrets and guntrucks.

Each concussion rocket weighs just over six hundred pounds, strictly limiting the capacity of most aircraft and denying the majority even the option of mounting the rocket.

Concussion rockets are considered the successor to aerial torpedoes, giving up a degree of overall power in exchange for faster flight time, shorter engagement range and massively increased survivability of launching aircraft. Additionally, the faster flight of concussion rockets makes attempts at shooting them down in flight generally futile, a tactic whose success led to the discontinuation of the aerial torpedo.

The blast radius of concussion rockets does, however, sometimes limit their utility. The powerful shockwave is sufficient to shatter windows and cause temporary or permanent deafness not only in the target but also in bystanders.

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