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With Sacred Trust's loot exposed and their accountant behind bars, the shady security group is attempting one last gambit; three zeppelins loaded with cargo are attempting to run for international waters while the rest of the Sacred Trust air force keeps the Fortune Hunters busy. You job is simple: stop the zeppelins.

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Criminal Exodus
Crimson Skies
Manhattan, Empire State
Stop the Sacred Trust Exodus
12 Sacred Trust Hellhounds and zeppelins, 6 German Hellhounds and The "Beowulf" Zeppelin.


Recommended Plane[]

Speed is of the essence to stop the zeppelins' escape. Bring a Fury or even the Blue Streak, its nitro boost will come in handy to catch the zeppelins in time.

You might be tempted to bring aerial torpedoes. Don't. The zeppelins need to be left intact so their cargo can be salvaged.


The mission is overall simple. The three zeppelins you need to stop can be found in three separate locations:

  • One to the south, across the water from Manhattan proper.
  • One over south Manhattan, in a zeppelin dock.
  • One to the Northwest, across from Manhattan, hugging the coast.

Upon approaching the second zeppelin, the player will be attacked by a Sacred Trust ace: Witch. Shoot her down to make your time attacking the engines a little easier.

Once all three zeppelins are disabled, Sparks will alert you to something shocking: Sacred Trust has the Spruce Goose! Shoot out its engines as it taxis out of a nearby warehouse, then head back to the Pandora.

The zeppelins' escape point is in the southwest portion of the map. Should they reach it, you fail the mission.

Should you approach the escape point, you will be attacked by the Luftwaffe zeppelin Beowulf, which will promptly deploy German ace Hellhounds to attack you.


The Beowulf[]

Luftwaffe Zeppelin