Cover to the Crimson Skies Novel

Crimson Skies

Eric Nylund
Michael B. Lee
Nancy Berman and Eric S. Trautmann

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Del Rey

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Crimson Skies was published by Del Rey in October 2002 to promote the future release of the Xbox game . It features three novellas, two originally published on the Crimson Skies website, one previously unpublished. Each story is preceded by a brief history lesson about the Crimson Skies universe which acts as the prelude to the following story.

  • The Case of the Phantom Prototype, by Eric Nylund - Paladin Blake must fly a top-secret aircraft into the Mojave Desert.
  • The Manchurian Gambit, by Michael B. Lee - Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn, the leader ot the Red Skull Legion pirate gang, rescues a lady in distress and fights air battles from Manhattan to Manchuria with, surprisingly, no plunder in sight.
  • Bayou Blues, by Nancy Berman and Eric S. Trautmann - Nathan Zachary and his "Fortune Hunters " square off against a Cajun sky-thief, a crooked businessman, and a pair of star-crossed lovers in a high-stakes, high-altitude con game.
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