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Dassault is a French aircraft manufacturer. It founded in 1930 by Marcel Bloch. Focused initially on civilian aircraft manufacture, Dassault began experimenting with smaller combat aircraft in 1932.

In December of that year, Dassault unveiled the Dassault S-30 Dauphin, a heavily-armed seaplane intended to serve in an anti-zeppelin role. While the Dauphin sold badly in Europe, it was popular in the République de Quebec, and, following the secession of French Louisiana, became an unparalleled success. The versatility offered by the waterborne aircraft made it effective and popular both with pirates and the militia.

While Dassault chose to restrict the North American sale of the Dauphin to Quebec and Louisiana, the second-hand market allowed the unique craft to spread to coastal areas all over the continent.

Dassault was also behind the Dauphin's unique triple-rockets system, which fires three small magnetic missiles at once. This system allows the Dauphin to target both single slow-moving targets and multiple enemy fighters, granting it an impressive degree of flexibility.


Behind the scences[]

In real life, Dassault was originally founded as Société des Avions Marcel Bloch or "MB". After World War II, Marcel Bloch changed his name to Marcel Dassault, and the name of the company was changed to Avions Marcel Dassault on 20 December 1947. In 1971, Dassault acquired Breguet, forming Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation (AMD-BA). In 1990, the company was renamed Dassault Aviation.

However, the Dauphin is referred to a couple of times in the literature as the Dassault S-30 Dauphin. It is an alternate universe, after all...