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Fairchild Airplane Manufacturing Corp.

Aircraft manufacturer


Sherman Fairchild


Hagerstown, Columbia


Fairchild F4 Bandit

Fairchild F5 Corsair

Fairchild F611 Brigand

The Fairchild Airplane Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1925 at Hagerstown, Maryland. The company soon earned a reputation for quality civilian aircraft and grew by leaps and bounds through investments and acquisitions. In the years following the collapse of the United States, Fairchild’s products became easy prey for pirates and privateers, which prompted the company to produce armed versions of its designs. The F4 Bandit fighter came off the production line in 1932, swiftly followed by the Corsair and the Brigand.

Over the past five years, the company has acquired a reputation for offering good value plus incentives for various groups to purchase its aircraft. The latter practice has made Fairchild one of the top ten companies in Columbia, though its business rivals have decried some of its practices as unfair. A few have even charged Fairchild with deliberately fostering air piracy to ensure continued sales. While Fairchild certainly has benefited from the increased sales brought about by the rise of air militias, company president Sherman Fairchild strenuously denies active support of any nation, faction or pirate band.

Indeed, Fairchild Corp maintains a strict policy of neutrality. Any group, any individual, can purchased Fairchild aircraft, no questions asked. This attitude has been decried as mercenary and even immoral by Fairchild's competitors, but there is no doubt that it has been sucessful.