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Flak, from the German Fliegerabwehrkanone, aircraft defence cannon, is a type of aircraft-launched munition commonly found in Crimson Skies.

Flak rockets are the most effective anti-aircraft rocket used in Crimson Skies. While flak rockets have a shorter range than HE rockets, a flak rocket explodes into a large black cloud of metal shards. These shards punch through armor and internal components, inflicting heavy damage on any aircraft that travels through the cloud. The cloud disperses after a few seconds.

Flak rockets have the largest splash damage in the game, considerably larger than the black cloud graphic. Aircraft are immune to their own flak.

Flak rockets are available from the beginning of the game, and remain an effective choice throughout. One hardpoint can carry four flak rockets, meaning that an airframe with a full hardpoint set can carry thirty-two flak rockets into battle.

Another important use of flak rockets is to disable enemy zeppelins. Zeppelin engine cars are not armored, and two flak rockets are sufficient to destroy the engine. Due to the very large splash radius of flak rockets, each pair of rockets can take out three or four engines. However, because the rest of the zeppelin is armored, there is much less danger of accidentally destroying, rather than disabling, the target zeppelin.

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge has no equivalent weapon.