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Focke-Wulf Fw 296 Doppleganger



Twin cannon, Blockbuster cannon

Used By

Die Spinne, Luftwaffe (originally)

Focke-Wulf constructed this heavy fighter as a replacement for their Fw 198 Hellhound, and were rather gratified when the German government bought up the entire first production run of 250 units. However, not a single Doppleganger has appeared on a Luftwaffe base, and Focke-Wulf found the government unwilling to purchase any more. Faced with the unenviable prospect of a large stock with no buyer, Focke-Wulf put the Doppleganger up for sale on the open market, where it has sold much like the craft handles - slowly, sluggishly and with the creeping sensation that it's about to stop altogether.

The Doppleganger's primary weapon, the Blockbuster cannon, was adapted from a Krupp 80mm tank cannon, making it the largest gun ever mounted on a production aircraft.

Following the mysterious disappearence of the first production run, Dopplegangers were seen in Die Spinne livery, providing heavy fire support to Die Spinne's other craft of choice, the Messerschmitt Pirahna.


  • Originally, the plane was called the Fokker P114 Doppleganger and was in Luftwaffe paint designs for the plane.
  • The Doppleganger bears a resemblance to the real life Blohm & Voss BV 141 for its asymmetric design, and the Messerschmitt Me 262 for its fuselage mounted 50mm cannon.