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The Fortune Hunters

Pirate gang


Nathan Zachary


The Pandora


Hughes Devastators

Known Members

Nathan Zachary

Jack Mulligan

Tex Ryder

Buck Deere

John Washington

Betty "Brooklyn" Charles

Wilhelm Fassenbiender

Ilsa Fassenbiender

Active in

North America

The Fortune Hunters are based on the zeppelin Pandora, and comprise the airship's crew as well as six pilots—Nathan Zachary and his wingman Jack Mulligan, "Tex" Ryder and her wingman "Buck" Deere, "Big John" Washington and Betty "Brooklyn" Charles.[1] Later joining Nathan and his gang are Dr. Wilhelm Fassenbiender, a scientist and friend of Nathan's since the Great War,[2] as well as his daughter, Dr. Ilsa Fassenbiender.[3]

The Fortune Hunters have many rival pirate gangs and privateers, such as the Black Swan, Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn, and Ulysses Boothe. Private security firms, such as Blake Aviation Security, and militia squadrons, such as the Hollywood Knights, are also trying to take down the Fortune Hunters. Many of these opponents are old rivals or former love interests of Nathan Zachary.[4][5]

Behind the scenes[]

IGN has stated that the Fortune Hunters are "wonderfully ambiguous […] in the moral sense," qualifying that "It's always great to see heroes […] who aren't too good to be true."[1]

Notes and references[]

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