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General Motors MiniGyro

General Motors


Two machine guns, Sniper Cannon

The Ford Hoplite, the first commercially available autogyro, was a stunning success. So stunning, in fact, that it wasn't long before Ford's rivals were making their own versions.

While General Motors had restricted its efforts in the aeronautical sphere to the sale of engines and other parts, the success of the Hoplite drove the corporation into developing the MiniGyro, a superlightweight autogyro intended for the civilian and security market.

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A MiniGyro in Chicago.

Consisting of a light metal framework to which only the bare essentials are attached, the MiniGyro proved to be a smash success in the western territories. While the Hoplite dominated on the east coast, in the valleys and canyons of Arixo, the Republic of Texas and Free Colorado, there was only one choice.

Much more lightly armed and armored than the Hoplite, the MiniGyro was less popular with security companies, although it compensated with reduced running costs attracting the civilian market. MiniGyros were too small to be adapted into taxis, but they became extremely popular in downtown areas as rapid couriers.

It appears to be based off of the real-life Bensen B-8 Autogyro