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Guntrucks are a class of self-propelled armoured vehicle, equipped with a single heavy turret. Slow-moving and tough, guntrucks are used by militias and pirate gangs to provide heavy ground support for their aerial operations.

Two major classes of guntruck exist - one equipped with a four-barrelled anti-aircraft machine gun and one with a magnetic missile launcher.

Generally, guntrucks are deployed either in base defence to thicken turret coverage, or as part of a chokepoint ambush. Guntrucks are notably popular with Los Muertos, as the narrow canyons of Arixo allow them to funnel enemy aircraft into the killing fields of their guntrucks.

During the fight with Muerte, Nathan Zachary and Maria Sanchez can steal a Los Muertos guntruck to attack the circling zeppelins overhead, although the zeppelins remain above the canyons and use the mesas to evade their fire.