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Plane BloodHawk

Hughes Aviation[1]


Single Engine


Machine Guns, Underwing Hardpoints

The Hughes Aviation Bloodhawk of Hollywood were designed by Howard Hughes. Stylish but functional, the Bloodhawk is extremely manuverable, even at high speeds. The Bloodhawk does however struggle with an unusually high stall speed. Containing precision-balanced weapons and sighting systems, the Bloodhawk has earned a lethal reputation. It is currently one of the fastest aircraft in service. At the Boeing Special Projects division in Pacifica, Doctor Willhem Fassenbiender was working on an experimental Bloodhawk, codenamed Blue Streak, and instead of the standard Allison V engine, it could be given one with a nitro injection which allows a sudden burst of speed for a small period of time (see The Pilfered Prototype). [1]


The Bloodhawk appears as a flyable aircraft during The Pilfered Prototype, and is available in the hangar for customization thereafter.


The Bloodhawk's design is very similar to the Henschel P.75, an experimental Luftwaffe aircraft developed during WWII. It may be based upon the Kyushu J7W1 Shinden.


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