Plane Firebrand
Hughes-Lockheed Firebrand

Hughes Aviation[1]


Anti-Zeppelin Bomber, Fighter




14005 lbs.

Maximum Speed

207 m.p.h.


Allison X-900


Bomber, Fighter

Used By

Hollywood Knights

The Hughes Aviation Firebrand is one of the newest aircraft in use. There are currently fewer than 60 in service. The Firebrand was designed as a flying wing, allowing high altitudes to be attained and a formidable weapon payload, but causes a reduction of the agility, speed and acceleration.[1]

The Firebrand is the signature aircraft of the Hollywood Knights, and almost the entire Hughes Aviation production is dedicated to that militia. The Knights' predeliction for the Firebrand is explained by its considerable range, allowing the Knights to strike remote targets such as Sea Haven and other offshore pirate bases.
Crimson Skies High Road to Revenge; Firebrand 1

The Firebrand as it appeared on Xbox Live.

It then appeared in Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge as a NPC plane and later as a DLC plane available only for Multiplayer.


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