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Justine Perot









Justine's reputation as a chameleon makes untangling her past all the more difficult. She is a master at adapting new accents, dialects, languages and mannerisms, and has operated under a host of aliases—Jessie Pearl, Elaine Prescott, and Jo Lynn Petty are all identities she has used in her criminal undertakings.

Justine Perot—the name is most likely yet another alias—moved to Denver shortly after Texas seceded from the United States in 1930. The exact circumstances of her past are unknown, though it is generally believed to be unpleasant.

As Free Colorado became a pirate haven, Justine (then operating as "Jessie Pearl") fell in love with a dashing air pirate, Jose Vega —brother of fallen Hollywood Knights ' pilot, Jimmy Vega . Jose taught her how to fly, and the fundamentals of aerial combat; she soon flew as his wingman.

Justine earned the nickname "Battleaxe" after cutting a militia plane in half with rockets and flying between the separating wings—cleaving the airplane in two.

After Vega's career came to a flaming end at the hands of the Wind Warriors , Justine floated from group to group, until Athena "Harpy" Jackson signed her on with the Medusas —an all-female pirate group that operated predominantly in the Midwest.

After Athena was shot down and arrested, Justine took control of the Medusas—a position she maintains through iron will, daring crimes and piloting skill. Since assuming leadership of the Medusas, Justine has launched several daring escapades—springing Athena Jackson from prison, tangling with the Fortune Hunters in Hawaii , and stealing a priceless jewel from the heart of the Empire State .