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Lakota Territory

Tribal council


Chief Thomas Redbear


Parts of North Dakota and Montana



Largest City

Regina, Saskatchewan



Between the wartorn Disputed Western Territories and the Communist wilderness that is the People's Collective, lies the nation of the Lakota People.

Officially recognised by the Collective as part of the Disputed Territories, the Lakota people have managed to maintain their independence by ensuring that they are far too much trouble to conquer. As long as the Western Territories are fighting amongst themselves and the Collective remains consumed in its own leadership crises, the Lakotans are safe.

The Lakota are a secretive people, sharing little information with outsiders, and restricting travel through their territory. Easily one of the most militant Native peoples, the Lakota occasionally trade with outsiders, but such occasions are rare. (The Lakota let their Navajo neighbors deal with other nation-states, preferring trade with other Natives, rather than with deal with "untrustworthy" outsiders.)

Lakota Territory is a militantly dry nation, and most Lakota feel that alcohol is just another attempt by outsiders to destroy their society; as in the Navajo Nation, bootlegging is punishable by immediate execution. The Lakotas’ militant tendencies are considerably more evident than in their Navajo neighbors; the Lakota clearly believe that the best defense is a good offense. The Lakota air militias do not hesitate crossing borders to attack targets that pose a threat to the tribes. As a result, the Lakota are frequently involved in skirmishes with the defense forces of neighboring nation-states.

Perhaps the most unusual facet of Lakota government is its mobility; the tribal council (and the current Chief, Thomas Redbear) move frequently. There is no set capital; instead the council travels to where it is needed, allowing Redbear to "maintain focus on his people." This has made Redbear a popular leader, but a somewhat ineffectual one. Most of his time is spent in transit, an inefficient form of government.

This mobility has a practical side, however; given the history of conflict between Natives and non-Natives, the Lakota distrust any outsider. Redbear’s unpredictable movements make him a difficult target for assassination, which has — according to the Lakota — been attempted by Appalachian bootleggers on two separate occasions. This deep-seated paranoia makes dealing with the Lakota difficult; Appalachia's recent production and sales of "General Custer Whiskey" has only made matters worse.