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Los Muertos

Pirate gang




Ravenscroft Coyote

Active in

Arixo, Navajo Territory, Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Los Muertos, "The Dead", were a pirate gang based out of Arixo until 1938. Comprised mainly of Mexicans, Los Muertos established a number of small bases throughout the Arixo desert, funding themselves by raiding cargo zeppelins.

Often called The Los Muertos by English speakers, this is in fact incorrect, as "Los" means "The". "The Los Muertos" therefore translates to "The The Dead".

Lead by a man known only as "Muerte" ("Death"), Los Muertos experienced a rapid rise in power throughout the Arixo region until they fell in with the German Doctor Von Essen and his Die Spinne group.

While Die Spinne provided Los Muertos with considerable funding in exchange for security, this also placed the group in direct conflict with Nathan Zachary and his Fortune Hunters. While Los Muertos were able to inflict some small damage upon the Fortune Hunters, including the loss of Zachary's personal Devastator, the Fortune Hunters struck back, destroying at least nine Los Muertos zeppelins, a gun train and an entire series of bases in the canyons near Maria Sanchez's repair station. Muerte himself was killed by Zachary in a dogfight in those canyons, but in a beta version of Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, Murete was never killed and was instead Nathan hijacked his own Devastator that Murete had stolen and ejected Murete's parachute to gain control of the Devastator again.

With the loss of Muerte and Die Spinne backing, Los Muertos are no longer a significant threat in Arixo, and have been entirely eradicated from Navajo territory.