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Lucas Miles
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Fortune Hunters (formerly), Sacred Trust Incorporated, Black Hats

Lucas Miles was a member of the Fortune Hunters pirate gang, and a close personal friend of Nathan Zachary. However, Miles was a deceitful, duplicitious person, always looking out for the big score. His ruthlessness was a source of constant friction between Miles and the other Fortune Hunters, and the entire issue came to a head during a raid in the skies over Cuba.

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Miles before the Cuban betrayal

Frustrated at the persistent refusal of the Fortune Hunters to go into more lucrative endeavours, Miles betrayed them, turning his own zeppelin's weapons on his erstwhile allies. Despite this treason, the Fortune Hunters were able to attack Miles' zeppelin and send it crashing into the sea. They then returned to the Pandora, mourning the death of their friend, traitor though he was.

However, Lucas Miles was not killed in the wreck, but was captured by Cuban forces who found him alive in the water. Killing his captors and stealing their patrol boat, Miles headed for the Confederation of Dixie. Once returned to the land of his birth, Miles proceeded to the pirate paradise of Sky Haven, where he organised the Black Hats pirate gang, as well as establishing Sacred Trust Incorporated through an agent in New York.

The next stage of Miles' plan to revenge himself upon the Fortune Hunters allowed him to kill two birds with one stone. Miles made sure that news of Doctor Wilhelm Fassenbiender reached them, trusting that the dogooders would attack the Boeing plant where Fassenbiender was being held. This stage of the plan worked out better than Miles could have hoped - the Fortune Hunters destroyed the Light Carrier-class zeppelin Promised Land and stole the prototype Hughes Bloodhawk, humiliating Sacred Trust's main rival, Blake Aviation Security.

After the debacle in Pacifica, Sacred Trust Incorporated became the rising star of the air-security business. Unfortunately, Miles' overconfidence was his downfall - the Fortune Hunters attacked Sky Haven, capturing Ulysses Boothe and discovering hints of a connection between the Black Hats and Sacred Trust. Despite repeated efforts, neither the Black Hats nor Sacred Trust were able to prevent the Fortune Hunters from levelling the Sky Haven base and making off with considerable supplies of aerial torpedoes.

Miles' final failure was he decision not to flee New York as soon as the Fortune Hunters arrived. Enraged by the persistence of his nemeses, Miles instead chose to remain and direct the defence, trusting in the power of his personal zeppelin, the Dante. However, not his skill nor his superior numbers allowed him to evade the Fortune Hunters, and, in a climatic duel over Broadway, Lucas Miles was shot down in flames by Nathan Zachary and he was pesumed dead since his body was never recovered.