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Crimson Skies High Road to Revenge; Maria Sanchez 2
Maria Sanchez
Death Date

1938, the Lost City






Aircraft mechanic, pilot


Independent; Fortune Hunters; Die Spinne.

Maria Sanchez was the owner and operator of a small aircraft repair facility in the Arixo desert in 1938. It was there that she met Nathan Zachary, when he landed to effect repairs to his Hughes P21-J Devastator.

However, Los Muertos leader Muerte was determined to kill Zachary, and pursued him to the repair station. Meurte and his wingman strafed the station, forcing Zachary and Sanchez to take cover inside the hanger. While Muerte came around for another pass and released an unguided bomb, Zachary and Sanchez made their escape in an old Ravenscroft Dust Devil.

Muerte then landed and stole Zachary's Devastator. This did not help him, as Zachary was able to not only shoot down Muerte, but was also able to destroy three Los Muertos camps in the canyons as well as four zeppelins providing top cover.

To repay Sanchez for the destruction of her hanger and the use of her Dust Devil, Zachary allowed her to join the Fortune Hunters. Sanchez flew with the Fortune Hunters for several weeks, serving with distinction until after the First Battle of Chicago. While Zachary was distracted, Sanchez stole the Wind Turbine plans and made her escape on a Die Spinne zeppelin.

The Fortune Hunters were able to track Sanchez south to the Lost City. While Zachary was able to bypass the City's security and reach Von Essen, he was not in time to prevent Von Essen from shooting Maria. Zachary drove off Von Essen, but was unable to save Sanchez, who bled to death within minutes.