Crimson Skies Wiki

The new battle tactics of pirate gangs can be divided into five main sections:

  • Ground attack
  • Zeppelin attack
  • Counter attack
  • Dogfights
  • Zeppelin vs. Zeppelin fights

New battle tactics are used since 1937. Prior to this, Old battle tactics were in use. Nathan Zachary, the head of the pirate gang Fortune Hunters is said to be the pioneer of those changed tactics.

Ground attack[]

Ground attacks don't happen that frequent anymore but from time to time they do. Gangs are now sending everything they can at once to create the strongest team possible. Still it is commom to use the advantage of surprise and to go in with high speed. While weather only played a minor role in the old tactics, it is now a crucial part. Most ground attacks happen during foggy days.

Zeppelin attack[]

Since 1935 Zeppelins became more of a base in the air rather than just a transport and combat vehicle. Nowadays Zeppelins are escorted by long-range fighters. It now is essential for gangs to take out the escort first. Since Nathan Zachary mainly influenced the new battle tactics, gangs now are less violent. Fatalities in the Western parts of America decreased by almost 80%. It still is common to destroy robbed Zeppelins though.

Counter attack[]

Counter attacks almost completely disappeared from the skies as gangs grew enormous until 1937. They now respect each other in terms of weaponry and strength.


Dogfights are happening more than ever because of the Zeppelins being escorted by planes. Aircraft manufacturers are competing against each other to reach as many costumers as possible. In most cases a mixture of armor and maneuverability are the key to either lose or win a dogfight. Often ammunition with a higher caliber is of advantage too. Dogfights are never wanted though. They arise unintentionally.

Zeppelin vs. Zeppelin fights[]

In the event of two gangs clashing together, they often are fighting with planes and Zeppelins at the same time. Often enemy fighters try to disable the other party's Zeppelin while they try to avoid getting shot by interceptors. Zeppelins also fight each other with torpedoes. This battle tactic was mainly influenced by 'Sparks', the pilot of the Pandora.

Many militias and private security companies adopted these advanced battle tactics after taking major damage, caused by pirate gangs.