Crimson Skies Wiki

The old battle tactics of pirate gangs can be divided into three main sections:

  • Ground attack
  • Zeppelin attack
  • Counter attack

Old battle tactics were in use until 1937. From there on New battle tactics were used.

Ground attack[]

When going for ground targets pirates often use fast planes such as the Hughes P21-J Devastator to avoid getting in the sight of stationary gun turrets. Depending on the task, pilots often choose a plane with a built-in 180° rotatable machine gun. Options for that are quite limited and only a very few planes fit to those requirements. The main plan is often the use of the advantage of surprise. Gangs try to accomplish their goal before the enemy gets fighters in the air.

Zeppelin attack[]

When attacking Zeppelins the most common method is to go at it from above so the main gun turret in the front of the Zeppelin can be taken out before firing at planes. After that happened at least two squadrons of 6 planes or more come from various sites to confuse the remaining secondary turret gunners. If the task is to destroy the Zeppelin, then shooting all of the engines is often seen. The attack method significantly changes when the gangs are going for a cargo Zeppelin though. It is then common to dock with the Zeppelin and either kill, kidnap or bail out the crew. After robbing the Zeppelin, gangs tend to place huge loads of TNT to destroy it.

Counter attack[]

A counter attack only does happen after a previous attack by either security companies or other gangs. Pirates then tend to send single squadrons in order to put constant pressure on their threat.