Crimson Skies Wiki

Shenandoah Airships

Maximum Speed

84 mph


Ten AA turrets, one missile launcher


Gunship/aircraft carrier

Used By

Fortune Hunters

Once the Empire Air zeppelin Fulcrum, the Pandora is the zeppelinhome of the Fortune Hunters.

The Pandora has undergone a number of upgrades and alteration over her life, moving from a slow, underarmed cargo carrier to a swift-moving, gun-toting, plane-carrying angel of death. By the time of the Die Spinne crisis in 1938, the Pandora carried eight .50-cal machine gun turrets, two 25mm cannon turrets and a belly-mounted magnetic missile launcher. The internal Rolls-Royce cyclic hanger rack could carry up to six craft in launch-ready position, and up to another eight on standby racks.

In the earlier beta version of Crimson Skies PC game, the Pandora was originally named Klondike and had large skull with crossbones symbol instead of Fortune Hunters symbol.