Crimson Skies pandora

Shenandoah Airships

Maximum Speed

84 mph


Ten AA turrets, one missile launcher


Gunship/aircraft carrier

Used By

Fortune Hunters

Once the Empire Air zeppelin Fulcrum, the Pandora is the zeppelinhome of the Fortune Hunters.

The Pandora has undergone a number of upgrades and alteration over her life, moving from a slow, underarmed cargo carrier to a swift-moving, gun-toting, plane-carrying angel of death. By the time of the Die Spinne crisis in 1938, the Pandora carried eight .50-cal machine gun turrets, two 25mm cannon turrets and a belly-mounted magnetic missile launcher. The internal Rolls-Royce cyclic hanger rack could carry up to six craft in launch-ready position, and up to another eight on standby racks.