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People's Collective

Christian Communist Theocracy


Councilor Samuel Morrow


North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa




People's Collective Air Force

Notable Citizens

Aaron Whittaker



While the capitalist pigs feed upon the worker and the grasping government grows ever larger from the sweat of the people, there exists a shining utopia. Built upon the progressive philosophies of history's greatest minds, the People's Collective is the true home of reason in this benighted age!

Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

In 1931, when all around was collapsing into sinful chaos, one man stood up for the right. His name was Samuel Morrow, and he formed the People's Collective, for the people, by the people, in the name of Christ.

One of Morrow's first acts as Chief Councilor of the People's Council was the abrogation of all debts and mortgages owed by the citizens of the Collective. This action, while clearly the will of God, angered the capitalists of surrounding nations, and they called upon the federo-imperialists of the "United States" to destroy our glorious land. However, the might of the People's Army drove back the invaders, and the Collective was preserved by the hand of God.

Forged from the capitalist imperium, from states once called North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa, the People's Collective now stands, a firm bulwark against the Industrial States of America to the east and the Disputed Western Territories to the west. Even our southern flank, exposed to the ferociously imperialistic Republic of Texas, stands strong in the fight for the workers' rights!

While capitalist running dogs like Aero-News might say that the People's Collective is no different to the godless Communists of the Soviet Union, nothing could be further from the truth. Those Bolshevik heathens have rejected the healing truths of the gospel of Jesus, and will one day soon pay the price for their heresy.

Some question the Collective's relationship with the heretics of Deseret. You are both religious nations, they say. Why is there no alliance between you? The answer is simple - which is worse, the wolf that attacks you openly, or the one in sheep's clothing that pretends to be an ally but is in fact merely biding its time?

In 1932, the villanous Jonathan Kahn led a raid under false colors into Deseret. There, finding they had captured a dangerous pirate, the Deseret Air Force gave Kahn permission to leave, taking with him a Moroni-class zeppelin - provided the capitalist and his forces attacked the People's Collective on their way home. The perverse criminal accepted the terms, and, under the authority of the foul heretics of Deseret, slew many of the People's Pilots before being cut down himself. Kahn was killed for his treachery, although some foolishly claim he survived to return to Chicago. They even claim that Deseret was innocent - but we know the truth, don't we, my comrades! Forward the Revolution! Forward the People's Collective!