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Boeing Aviation field, Pacifica
Destroy The Promised Land

Dock with the Pandora

BAS Peacemakers, Bloodhawks and Light Carrier-class zeppelin The Promised Land.

Following their recent successes, Blake Aviation Security has decided that the Fortune Hunters are a serious, credible and immediate threat - and they intend to remove that threat in the most expedient manner possible.


Recommended Plane[]

As most of the enemies will be Bloodhawks, either use a very agile plane (i.e. the Bloodhawk itself, Peacemaker and, maybe, Fury), or a plane with a rear turret (i.e. the Brigand). Nothing prevents you from using other planes such as the Devastator, but this one in particular doesn't seem agile enough to compensate for its lack of rear turret, so it's not recommended for this mission.

Recommended Loadout[]

A mix of armor-piercing and dum-dum ammunition, and flak rockets. Alternatively, you can swap one of the flak slots with a load of high-explosive rockets to use against the zeppelin's broadside cannons: this will allow you to destroy the zeppelin faster, but will also prevent you from bringing four more flaks. Both the zeppelin's broadside cannons and the radio tower can be destroyed with dum-dums.


As you approach the zeppelin, you'll come across an airfield with four BAS' Peacemakers on the taxiway, ready to scramble. Try to destroy as many of them as you can before they take off.

Once you've dealt with the Peacemakers, destroy the radio, as this will delay BAS reinforcements and make your life easier (it will also make the mission longer to complete, so if you are a pro you can ignore the radio tower).

After that, approach the zeppelin from one side and destroy three broadside cannons. Keep an hear out for Sparks though, as he'll signal that their spotters are tracking a squadron of planes inbound on their position. It's your cue to stop attacking The Promised Land if you're not in a position to finish off that zeppelin quickly, and to head to the Pandora, because soon enough a flight of Bloodhawks will start attacking it and you'll lose the mission if they take out too many engines. A few minutes later, a second wave of Bloodhawks will show up, this one lead by an ace (Paladin Blake himself): target the ace first, then the other Bloodhawks (if at any point during this engagement you hear/see your wingmen dropping like flies, more so than in previous missions, you'll have an indirect confirmation as to why the Devastator isn't a recommended plane for this mission).

Once the skies are clear, head back to the zeppelin to finish it off (if you hadn't already), then dock with the Pandora to finish the mission.


See The Pilfered Prototype.


  • In earlier beta versions of Crimson Skies, the Promised Land was a white plain zep with a Nation of Hollywood decal and the mission originally had the Blake Aviation Kestrels as enemies of the mission.