Crimson Skies Wiki

Four floating power-ups dot the skies of Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

Repair Box[]

Using unspeakable black magics, the red-painted Repair Box instantly restores 50% of an aircraft's damage.

Ammo Box[]

With the patent-pending InstaLoad system, the green Ammo Box reloads 50% of an aircraft's secondary weapon. In beta versions, the Ammo Box would also give the player different secondary weapons.


The Third Federal Bank of Columbia developed these parachute-equipped cashbags, fitted with universal recovery hooks to allow them to be picked up by passing aircraft.

Upgrade Token[]

No-one apart from Navajo shamans understand the workings of these symbols. All anyone knows is that by burning them beneath an aircraft, combined with an offering of cash and an ancient mystic ritual, will permanently improve that vehicle's handling, armor and offensive capability.