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Protectorate of Ontario

Elected legislature


Prime Minister Terrance Case






Royal Canadian Air Police



In June 1930, the government of Quebec realised one of their deepest dreams - independence from the rest of Canada. Declaring themselves the République de Quebec, it was the beginning of the end for that nation.

By early 1931, Canada as an independent nation had practically ceased to exist, despite thorough efforts by the British Empire to maintain their dominion. Determined to retain at least a foothold, the Empire forged a treaty alliance with Quebec and the Industrial States of America, allowing the formation of an independent Ontario, as a protectorate of the British Empire.

As a result, Ontario enjoys normalized trade relationships with the Empire State, Industrial States of America, People's Collective, other Canadian provinces, and (as much as possible) Quebec. Ontario is willing to deal with any nation, as long as their money is good. This policy has occasionally been strained, particularly with the fee-shy ISA, but holds.

Ottawa, the capital city, has grown into a major urban center, and its inhabitants frequently smirk at Empire State claims of sophistication. While New York clearly has a high profile, many celebrities — from Europe and Asia, as well as North America — sneak away to Ottawa to enjoy the scenery, cultural events, and other amenities.

The current leader of Ontario, Prime Minister Terrance Case, has been cautious in developing the region’s military forces; while Ottawa itself is well defended by Royal Canadian Air Police, he has deployed defense forces near his borders only sparingly. Given Ottawa’s neutrality, Case does not want to appear to take an aggressive posture to his somewhat trigger-happy neighbors.