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In May 1930, the Outer Banks nation was formed. Tension rose between the new nation and the state of Kentucky, and less than a year later the Outer Banks joined the Confederation of Dixie.

The Confederation, boosted by the Atlantic trade, grew wealthy, and gained enemies along with their wealth. Following the successful secession of French Louisiana, the Outer Banks nations began to agitate for their own independence.

The leadership of the Outer Banks also wanted independence, but knew that they did not have the military strength to repel the certain attacks from the Empire State and the Industrial States of America, not to mention the threat of Appalachian pirate raiders. Therefore, in March 1933, the Outer Banks nations were created as a protectorate of the Confederation. This move, while allowing the Confederate Air Force to remain responsible for protecting the Outer Banks, has caused considerable tension between the Outer Banks, Dixie and Appalachia.

As a protectorate, the Outer Banks does not have its own capital or independent government, although the power in the region is seen to lie in the city of Charlotte, the largest city in the region.