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An Anglo-owned company until it was nationalized by the new Navajo Nation, Farmington-based Ravenscroft Industries originally produced light machinery. As one of a handful of companies capable of the precision engineering required for aircraft manufacture, Ravenscroft was a natural choice to build the Navajo Nation’s first aircraft plant. Construction of the assembly facility began in the fall of 1931, and the first aircraft rolled out in the spring of 1933.

While production was initially very slow - no more than twenty airframes per year - this number increased rapidly when the Cedar Ridge factory was completed in 1934. This factory was also the birthplace of both the Dust Devil and the Desert Fox.

The strictly-enforced isolationist policy of the Navajo people has slowed the widespread use of these craft, although a large number of pirate and bandit groups, particularly in Arixo, have started to use unlicenced copies of Ravenscroft models, particularly the "Bandito" Coyote