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S redskullThe Red Skulls Legion, operating under the command of Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn and based out of Chicago, ISA, is one of the most wide-ranging pirate bands in North America.


The Red Skulls are most closely associated with the Fairchild F611 Brigand heavy fighter/bomber, which makes up the bulwark of their forces. Red Skull forces have also been known to deploy Ravenscroft Coyotes


The Red Skulls made their names with the Moroni Raid, which secured their first superheavy zeppelin. Dubbing this first example Machiavelli, the Red Skulls duplicated the Machiavelli's design a number of times to produce at least two more of the superheavy combat zeppelins. Apart from these monsters, the Red Skulls also have a large number of mid-to-large cargo zeppelins and gunships.


The Red Skulls are headquartered in Chicago, and they've made the Windy City their home. Despite this, the Red Skulls are well known for the broad range of their operations. Red Skulls were responsible for the Moroni Raid in Deseret, as well as Die Spinne operations in Arixo.


While their frequent bouts with the Fortune Hunters makes most of the front pages, the Red Skulls are locked in a bitter, long-running battle with a local Chicago mobster gang, the DeCarlos, over control of the local criminal underworld. The DeCarlos do no hesitate to hire mercenaries and other catspaws to do their bidding in the long fight.