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Redmann's Gang

Pirate gang


Bill Redmann




Sanderson FB14 Vampire

William and Colt Peacemaker 370

Known Members

Anna "Cossack" Rasputin

Active in

Republic of Texas

Redmann’s Gang named after their leader, "Marshal" Bill Redmann take enormous pride in their place at the top of the Texas Air Rangers ’ Most-Wanted list. (The top five slots belong to three pilots in Redmann’s personal squadron and two in the Gang’s fighter-bomber squadron. Another seven pirates are included in the Rangers’ top twenty.) This notorious band of pirates has certainly earned their place on the list; a more unscrupulous, violent and dangerous band of pirates would be difficult to find.

The Gang’s internal structure constantly shifts, due to Redmann’s personal whims and the notoriety of the individual pirates. Status within the group is determined by the pilots reputation; a Gang member with a reputation that he cannot defend is typically killed off by his fellow pirates. The Gang’s attrition rate is frighteningly high; Redmann maintains a strict once in, never out policy. Anyone attempting to leave the Gang is killed, often by Redmann himself. Only one pilot - Comrade Aaron "Easter" Whittaker , now of the People’s Collective militia - has left Redmann’s Gang and survived.

Redmann’s Gang is not large (no doubt a result of the group’s internal dynamic), so Marshall Redmann routinely works with other pirate groups. (Surprisingly, other pirates continue to work with Redmann’s Gang, despite their leader’s history of duplicity, deceit and treachery.) The only permanent member of the Gang (beyond Redmann himself) is Anna "Cossack" Rasputin , an attractive Russian with a penchant for strafing civilian targets.