Sacred Trust Incorporated



Lucas Miles


Manhattan, Empire State


Focke-Wulf Fw 193 Hellhound Warhawk

Active in

Empire State

Free Colorado

Sacred Trust Incorporated appeared suddenly on the air-security scene in late 1936. Equipped almost exclusively with Focke-Wulf Hellhounds, STI became popular with smaller firms in the greater New York area. Their popularity rose sharply in early 1937 following a series of very public failures by their chief rivals, Blake Aviation Security.

However, Sacred Trust's meteroic rise to success was rapidly cut short after Nathan Zachary discovered that the leader of Sacred Trust was none other than his old friend, Lucas Miles - a friend who had betrayed and attempted to kill Zachary and the other Fortune Hunters in the skies over Cuba. Further discovering Sacred Trust's close links with Germany, the Fortune Hunters were able to reveal the company's efforts to destabilise the Empire State in favour of Germany.

With the collapse of STI, Blake Aviation Security has retaken its place as the most successful air-security firm in North America.