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Plane Vampire
FB14 "Vampire"


The Sanderson FB14, unofficially known as the Vampire, clocking in at 13,250 pounds, is one of the heaviest fighters in operation. Although it closely resembles a bomber, it is used as a dogfighter. As is suggested by its weight, it is cumbersome and slow. The Vampire is, however, extremely well armed and armored. The Vampire was designed as a heavy fighter-bomber, but two other variants also exist: a photoreconnaissance plane and a general-purpose cargo plane.[1]

Several Vampires were covertly purchased by Die Spinne to provide them with a heavy fighter-bomber while production was ongoing for the Focke-Wulf Fw 206 Doppleganger. Vampires were deployed against the Fortune Hunters zeppelin Pandora during the Die Spinne attack on Doctor Wilhelm Fassenbiender.

The FB14 has no official nickname, but earned the moniker "Vampire" from ground crews because of the plane's high maintenance requirements. The plane has a reputation as a "hangar queen", requiring careful and thorough maintenance, as well as no small amount of money to keep it flying. Most users, however, consider the Vampire's firepower to be worth it.

The Vampire have to be existed in the earlier beta version of Crimson Skies PC game.


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