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Soloho Salawa
Birth Date

Phoenix, Arionza






"Wind Warrior"




Navajo Nation[1]

Soloho "Wind Warrior" Salawa was born in Phoenix, Arizona and spent time both on and off Native land while young. He was fascinated with mechanized flight and scratched out a living doing air shows. While doing air shows he took the name Soloho, Hopi for "the sound made by a bird's wing during flight," or "whistling arrow" as Salawa explains it. When the Navajo Nation formed, Salawa moved there and traded his crop-duster-turned-stunt-plane for a beat-up Lightning. Salawa led the defense along the southwest bored against Mexican smugglers and pirate bands as the Navajo Nation attempted to seal its borders of efforts to "subjugate or destroy the People with its poisoning drink". Salawa took his responsibilities as a protector very seriously and was a deeply committed warrior. During combat he combines the fatalism of a Navajo warrior with the grace, calm and style of a Hollywood Knight.[1]

In 1938, Soloho and his tribe were caught up in the machinations of Die Spinne, when the evil Doctor Von Essen and his Red Skulls allies attempted to seize control of a titanium mine inside Navajo territory. With the assistance of his old friend Big John and his fellow Fortune Hunters, Soloho and the other Wind Warriors were able to drive off the Red Skulls, Die Spinne and the Tunnelzug, although not without considerable losses.


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