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The Tesla energy cell was one of the discoveries made by Doctors Von Essen and Fassenbiender when they were working for the German government during the Great War. Using the research (and named after) Nikola Tesla, the Tesla energy cell generates and stores vast amounts of electrical power.

The Tesla energy cell, however, is extremely volatile. It was never deployed by the German military during the war because a single stray round would cause the cell to suffer a catastrophic exothermic breakdown.

Following the war, Von Essen continued his development of the energy cell, making the design not only more powerful but also more durable. The sheer power generated by Tesla cells allowed Von Essen to construct a number of weapons, made possible only through this invention.

Due to the requirements of its design, a Tesla energy cell normally takes the shape of a dodecahedron filled with crackling blue energy. This energy is luminous, meaning that it can easily be seen, particularly at night.

The Tesla energy cell remains the primary weakness of Die Spinne Wunderwaffe, however. Given the considerable quantities of heat and light given off by the cell, it cannot be heavily armored, meaning that the cells are often the only weak point in the weapon's design. The high electrical potential of the cell means that a cell will attract magnetic missiles over most other potential targets, increasing the vulnerability of this method of power.

Tesla Wunderwaffe[]

The following Wunderwaffe are powered by Tesla energy cells.