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Based on research conducted by Nikola Tesla and refined by Doctor Von Essen, the Tesla projector is typical of Von Essen's Wunderwaffe. Firing a bolt of electroplasma, the Tesla projector remains an experimental weapon.

Electroplasma is a jelly-like non-Newtonian fluid with remarkable properties. It can be charged with high-voltage electricity, which it will store indefinitely until violently shaken. The Tesla projector charges the electroplasma, before launching it with great force by the power of electromagnetic attraction. The electroplasma then flies on a predicatable path before impacting on its target, which causes the electroplasma to release its entire load of electricity.

This electrical attack rarely harms the pilot of the targeted aircraft, as the metal framework of modern aircraft forms a conductive cage around them. However, it usually disables the engine of the target as well as causing all the metal in the craft to take on magnetic properties. This usually prevents the metal wires connecting the controls to the wings from moving for a few seconds until the electricity dissipates and the magnetism with it.

While the Tesla projector is still a mostly experimental weapon, rumours abound that the equally experimental Messerschmitt Bf 106 Piranha was fitted with the projector, before the entire production run was requisitioned by Die Spinne.