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The Tesla tank was one of the Wunderwaffe deployed by Die Spinne during their campaign to establish a fascist state in the Industrial States of America.

The Tesla tank was a six-legged ground vehicle, equipped with a long-barrelled flamethrower and a Tesla shock cannon for anti-fighter defence. Designed as a ground-attack vehicle, the Tesla tank was also an effective urban combatant, its four Tesla energy cell power units providing the vehicle with tremendous power.

The Tesla tank was transported into battle mounted on the nose of a Die Spinne combat zeppelin. Once the zeppelin had reached the target - or had been destroyed - the tank would detach itself and proceed on foot, using its flamethrower against ground targets and periodically firing a defensive pattern of Tesla bolts to drive off attacking fighters.

The Tesla tank was not as well-armored as other Die Spinne Wunderwaffe - standard boilerplate armor covered the highly-explosive energy cells that made up the tank's biggest weakness.

The Tesla tank was first deployed in the Battle of Doc's Island against Nathan Zachary's Fortune Hunters. The Fortune Hunters were able to cut down the Die Spinne transport zeppelin, but were caught off-guard by the unexpected appearance of a flame-spewing spider-tank. Rallying swiftly, the Fortune Hunters were able to destroy the thin armor of the tank and the four cells beneath, destroying the delicate inner workings of the tank and saving Doc's lab - but sadly, not his life.

A second Tesla tank was deployed by Die Spinne in the Battle for Chicago, when the tank demonstrated its urban combat abilities by climbing and jumping between the towers of downtown Chicago. The Fortune Hunters, aided in the defence of Chicago by Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn's Red Skull Legion, were able to destroy the tank before it did more than superficial damage to the city.