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Crimson Skies
Eliminate the British fighter escort.

Destroy all but one of the Bombers.

Capture the last bomber (approach it from behind until you’re right under it).

Dock with the Pandora.

British Peacemakers

British Balmorals

What are the British doing in Hawaii? Where are they staging from? And how can Nathan Zachary demonstrate his total lack of a self-preservation instinct?


Recommended Plane[]

As the second mission in the game, your aircraft choice is restricted to the Devastator. Once you unlock more plane, you may replay the mission and pick something fairly agile, since you're looking at a combat-focused mission against light opposition. A Devastator or Bloodhawk is ideal.

Recommended Loadout[]

A mix of AP and dum-dum ammo, and flak rockets.


You'll be stealing your first plane in this mission. Soon after launch, you’ll see 3 Balmoral bombers targeted. They also have a fighter escort of 4 Peacemakers to defend them. The Balmorals will radio in to begin a search of the treasure site.

Either take out TWO of the bombers, not all THREE (you’ll need that final bomber or the mission will end) or take down the fighter escort.

Once you destroy 2 Peacemakers or a Balmoral, the Brits will radio for help. Continue taking down the Peacemakers or the Balmorals and once all are done, they will give you a moment to watch the bomber. You can’t dock with it yet as you see from the target marker ‘Destroy Escort First’.

After some time Sparks will radio in and indicate more British fighters heading your way. 3 more Peacemakers and a Peacemaker Ace (Sir Charles Emmett Winthrop) will come in to take you and your crew down. Winthrop will radio in and Nathan will have a conversation with him. Don’t enjoy it. Take him out, he is considerably more dangerous than the other Peacemakers who've just arrived. Once he’s down, you can take out the other Peacemakers. The crews may possibly have finished them off for you.

Sometime during the battle the British may have found the treasure site and are commencing their bombing run. When this happens, hurry up and finish off what you’re doing. If not, quickly head to that last bomber.

With all fighters gone, head to the Balmoral. Careful of its turrets though, as it seems to be firing randomly like a shield to protect itself. Get above the Balmoral, slow down a little (to about 100 mph, the Balmorals maintain a very slow level flight), and you’ll see a cool cutscene where you’ll be down on a ladder and dropped off onto the wing of the Balmoral while Jack handles your plane. You’ll open the plane’s door and take down its crew (you kick their asses while throwing them out of the plane... Hear their groans). Don't worry if you mess it up - just pull up and go round again.

The bombing run takes, in total, about seven minutes from the start of the mission, so you have plenty of time. If you take too long after they have found your treasure site the Balmoral will make 2 successful bombing runs on the treasure site and the mission will end (the attempt to board will be there until the Balmoral makes its second bombing run). The treasure ship will still be intact on it's first bombing but you will need to hurry.

After Nathan gets control, Jack will fly away. Pilot the Balmoral back to the PANDORA.

Completing this mission will unlock one memento (although it seems that it shouldn't be unlocked just yet, as this photo will appear in the next mission's logbook), the Balmoral and the Peacemaker. As you now have three planes (the two starting Devastators plus the stolen Balmoral), you can finally design your own planes. To do so, you have to sell one Devastator first (stolen planes, like the Balmoral in this case, can't be sold; also, you can't sell both Devastators simultaneously, as you have to own at least two planes at all times).


There are two stunts in this mission, and they are in exactly the same place as in the last mission

  1. Through the palm-tree-concrete gap. It is physically impossible to fly through this gap in a Balmoral - it's wingspan is too great. Therefore, you need to grab this one before you board the Balmoral.
  2. Through the cave, as in the last mission. Particularly if you approach from the west, this is straightforward, even in the Balmoral.

Logbook items[]

(first page)

  • Aloha Daily newspaper clipping on Nathan capturing the Balmoral.
  • Aloha Daily newspaper clipping on the Hawaiian king, King Jonah Kalaniana’ole awarding Nathan a medal of valor.
  • A blueprint for the Balmoral bomber.
  • A medal of valor from King Kalaniana’ole.

(second page):

  • Aloha Daily newspaper clipping on Sir Charles Emmett Winthrop’s defeat ("Britain's Best Is Beaten!").