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The Fight for the Figaroa
Crimson Skies
Disputed Western Territories
1) Hijack the zeppelin FIGAROA.
2) Shoot free the FIGAROA's cargo.
3) Eliminate the FIGAROA's Turrets.
4) Protect the Balmoral until she releases the boarding party.
5) Eliminate the Blake fighters. Stop them from disabling the FIGAROA.
12 Blake Aviation Security Peacemakers
7 Zeppelin Turrets

A Pyrrhic victory is still a victory, but nevertheless our captain needs to focus on how to get to Free Colorado on a crippled Zeppelin... If only a tow Zeppelin with a ridiculous name was in his way... Yes! the Figaroa just so happens to be there waiting for the Fortune Hunters and it may sound poor, but it sure is rich in supplies for the getaway journey! Just don't count on it being unprotected, because you can't have it all...


Watch Briefing[]

Recommended Plane[]

Any fighter with enough hardpoints and a .70 cal gun should suffice for the dogfight. A Brigand or a Fury are good choices for manoueverability and fast destruction of the Peacemakers.


BAS Peacemakers will be initially protecting the Figaroa. You can ignore them or down a few, and blow up the cables holding the cargo. You need to hit the block where one chain turns into 4 (3 blocks total). DO NOT shoot at the Zeppelin's engines! Now take out the rest of the Peacemakers. Next you need to destroy the turrets on the Figaroa so that the boarding party in the Balmoral can come in. There are 3 Top Turrets, 3 Belly Turrets, and one Main Turret on the nose. As soon as the Turrets are gone, you'll see a cutscene of the Balmoral dropping off the boarding party. The Figaroa will notice the Balmoral and drops another 4 Peacemakers just to keep you busy. After a couple of minutes you'll hear that you've taken control of the Figaroa. Here is where it gets a bit difficult, because they drop the 3 remaining Peacemakers (wow! too many kills to rack up!) and order them to disable the Figaroa! So these 3, plus any you haven't destroyed, will try to disable the Figaroa's engines, and you have to shoot them down fast before they do and you fail your mission. In order to avoid this, always try to keep the number of the enemy planes under control by launching rockets at them when there are 3 or more fighters in play. If you succeed in destroying all remaining fighters and keep enough of the Figaroa's engines and gasbags, the mission ends successfully.


There are no stunts in this mission.