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The Nefarious Trap
Crimson Skies
Nation of Hollywood
1-8) Successfully navigate the obstacle course.

9) Survive.

10) Dock with the Pandora.

Charlie Steele in a Fury

Johnny Johnson in a Fury

Jonathan Kahn in a Fury

Bill Redmann in a Fury

5 Hollywood Knights Bloodhawks

Johnny Johnson may be a cunning & arrogant aviator, but he surely is no quitter. He broadcasts a radio transmission inviting Zachary in a Hollywood obstacle race! Of course anyone could see that this is a trap ...and not just a regular trap, but a nefarious one, that will definitely surprise the Fortune Hunters! Contestants besides Nathan Zachary include Charlie Steele, Jonathan Kahn, Johnny Johnson, Bill Redmann, Loyle Crawford and Black Swan.


Watch Briefing[]

Recommended Plane[]

In order for the race to be fair, you are restricted to use "Red Hot Spencer", a Fury with medium armor and two guns: A .30 caliber which is bad for dogfights, and a .70 caliber which is very strong, but fires very slowly. It also has 3 hardpoints.


The mission begins with the race and you seem to begin in the last place. It doesn't really matter if you win this race or even if you navigate the obstacles, as long as you survive. The only award you get by winning the race is a photo of Nathan holding the "Johnson's Cup" and a presidential pardon in the scrapbook. However, it's very good training and if you want to win, you have to navigate through 8 obstacles first (or "Danger Zones" as they are shown in the game):

  1. Fly through the "Seaplane hangar" the Spruce Goose was in.
  2. Fly through the "Ramses Tomb" of the Egyptian set. You can blow the upper walls for easier passage.
  3. Fly through the "Seastack", the rock arch in the sea.
  4. Fly through the "Bridge-South Spar", by rolling your wings a little.
  5. Fly through the "Bridge-North Spar", the next spar straight ahead.
  6. Fly under the "Trestle Bridge" by the Hollywood hills.
  7. Fly through an "O" in the Hollywood sign.
  8. Fly through the"New York Street" of the NYC set. Come at it from the side with the Statue of Liberty. 

Now it gets interesting, no matter how well you do Johnny offers a ton of money to the one who kills you. Two of the Aces join you so it's 3 against 4. But don't count on anyone saving you. This is very hard. Get altitude right after number 8 then dive down on someone and hope you can take them out in one pass. After 3 of them are down, 5 Bloodhawks come to help Johnny. (As if you weren't having enough trouble as it is). And if you survive all that (the Blookhawks are cake compared to the aces) you can dock with the Pandora.

Completing this mission will unlock one memento.


Nefarious Trap 1
Nefarious Trap 2

Landscape Stunts:

  1. "Seastack" (Rock arch in the sea)
  2. "Trestle Bridge" (By the Hollywood Sign hill)
  3. "Seaplane Hangar" (Where the Spruce Goose was)

Studio Sets Stunts:

  1. "Ramses Tomb" (Egyptian Set)
  2. "New York Street" (NYC Set)
  3. "Bridge-South Spar"
  4. "Bridge-North Spar"

Hollywood Sign Stunts:

  1. Hollywood Sign Letter "H"
  2. Hollywood Sign 1st Letter "O"
  3. Hollywood Sign 2nd Letter "O"
  4. Hollywood Sign 3rd Letter "O"
  5. Hollywood Sign Letter "D"