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Crimson Skies
Boeing Aviation field, Pacifica
1) Fly close to the train's caboose to pick up Ilsa Fassenbiender.
2) Destroy the fuel truck when it reaches the depot.
3) Fly into the hangar and steal the Blue Streak prototype.
4) Destroy the fighters.
9 BAS Peacemakers (possibly more)
Northwest Ace in a Bloodhawk

Now that the good doctor is safely recovered, it's time to rescue the lovely Ilsa Fassenbiender from the pernicious clutches of that well-known evil corporation - Boeing!! But the mission has an extra bonus to offer our pirates' gang: The "Blue Streak" plane and blueprints, which is a Hughes Bloodhawk with a nitro boost twist!


Watch Briefing[]

Recommended Plane[]

The Peacemaker, Fury, Devastator and Brigand are all valid picks. You'll only be against Peacemakers in the part of the mission where you pilot your own plane, so don't choose your plane with having to fight Bloodhawks in mind (although Peacemakers still have excellent agility). The pros and cons of the Peacemaker, Devastator and Brigand were discussed in the "recommended plane" section of the previous mission, while the Fury is in-between the Peacemaker and the Devastator in terms of speed, agility and firepower (so it can become your new dogfighter if you find the Peacemaker to be too lightly armed and the Devastator to not be agile enough).

Recommended Loadout[]

A mix of armor-piercing and dum-dum ammunition, though nothing prevents you from using explosive ones if you have a slot available for them or are simply lazy.

Regarding hardpoints, bring one slot of HE rockets for the fuel trucks and flak rockets everywhere else. If for some reason you're using explosive ammunition, then bring flak rockets only.


You start off flying with your squadron at the Boeing Field and you are greeted by a squadron of Blake Aviation Peacemakers. You can leave your wingmen to deal with them, but it's faster if you join in. You will have to fly low over the train at about 3/4 throttle to pick up Ilsa Fassenbiender, Wilhelm's daughter. If there are any enemy planes around, this gets significantly harder, so try and clear the skies first. The Railroad is a loop, so possibly there is no problem failing the "ladder trick" a couple of times. Once you've got Ilsa you need to take care of the remaining fighters (The 4 peacemakers will be joined by at least 2 more), but also keep an ear out for the trucks. Jack will tell you when they reach the depot and it's time to blow them up. This triggers the hangar doors opening. You will need to fly into the hangar, and after a brief cutscene you will be seen flying a Hughes Bloodhawk, codename "Blue Streak". 3 BAS Peacemakers and a Northwest Ace (also in a Bloodhawk) will hunt you as you exit the hangar. Destroy the Ace first and any other fighters in the area, to end the mission successfully.

Completing this mission will unlock one memento, the Bloodhawk, and the sonic rocket.


Pilfered Prototype

Hangar Stunt:

  1. Zeppelin Hangar

Tunnel Stunts:

  1. Long Tunnel
  2. Middle Short Tunnel
  3. Last Short Tunnel