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With Sparks secure, Nathan Zachary and Black Swan's next goal is clear; find the Black Hats' leader, Ulysses Boothe, and get the whereabouts of their captive crews out of him.

There's just one problem: finding Boothe, and dealing with an army of Black Hats patrolling Sky Haven.

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Crimson Skies
Sky Haven, Free Colorado
Find Ulysses Boothe

Shoot down Boothe

Black Hat Brigands, Boothe's Hoplite


Recommended Plane[]

The player cannot bring their own plane to this mission. Instead, you will be forced to fly a Hoplite Autogyro.


This is easily one of the hardest missions in the game, forcing you to fight Black Hat brigands while using an autogyro.

Ulysses Boothe is lurking at one of four locations around Sky Haven:

  • McCoy's diner
  • Swift Jimmy's bar
  • Cloud 9 cathouse
  • Shanghai dance hall

Should you approach the wrong area, you will be ambushed by a squadron of brigands. Approach the right spot, however, and Boothe will attempt to escape in an autogyro of his own. Shoot him down, then deal with the brigands attempting to reinforce him. Once the enemy is dealt with, return to the Pandora.

The autogyro's maneuverability advantage over the brigands is nullified by their rear turrets, which will easily shoot you down if you attempt to tail them. Your best chance of survival will be to run back to the Pandora after shooting down Boothe and letting the turrets shoot down the planes.

If you fail the mission too many times, you will be allowed to skip to the next mission.